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I really like edublogs, but our school has decided to use wordpress, if you want to visit my new blog, please visit: http://sites.cdnis.edu.hk/students/032807/ so far, I haven’t written much yet because it’s a new blog. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. ūüôĀ

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Summer Vacation..


I hope you all are having a great summer vacation… because I am. So far I’ve went to Niagra Falls, Caves, and lots of fun with my family. Then again hope you all are having fun!

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Shark Water



Today we watched the movie Shark Water. Its a documentary about  sharks and how they help our environment be a better place and here we are killing them is that what we really owe them? We were the first few people who watched this movie. Its going to be in the theaters this weekend! We also talked to the movie director Rob Stewart . He told us about his life, answered questions, and told us interesting facts about the sharks. I was shocked about the amount of sharks that get kill every year. Its about 1.5 million sharks EVERY YEAR!  Sharks only kill 5 people a year! The movie showed how he helped sharks get out of fishing nets, he deals with people who poach. He nearly died in saving a shark.

heres a video.

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Making a Music Video-Where’s The Love


Our class made a music video las friday. We all got into groups of 5s.We only got 30¬†minutes. We went to different places of the school. Each group went to one place and one place only. So after recess, our teacher sorted ¬†us out on where we’re going and who we¬†are with. I was with Eagle 26, Eagle 20, Eagle 02 and Eagle 5. Our group went to the 3rd floor. There was 3 actors, 1 cameramen/¬†camera¬†women, and 1¬†director. I was one of the actors(the ones who will be in the music video) We had different ideas. I thought all the ideas where really creative. At first our group was not even a bit cooperative. We wouldn’t listen to anyones ideas and only argue argue and argue¬†some more. We wasted 1/3 or our time. In the end We decided we would do everyones plans good or not we would still do it. This project included lots of respect to other classes, team-work and getting along. One of our ideas included¬†borrowing¬†someone’s laptop. We asked¬†nicely¬†so the person let us use their laptop. When our 30¬†minutes¬†where over,we went in the class room and did the whole song with singing this time. It was really fun!

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Our New Unit-The Human Body


Our very last unit of the grade is about the human body.  We will be learning about different systems of the human body. (skeletal,reproductive, excretory, etc) I think it will be really fun!

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Student Challenge #10-The last challenge


I am writing this for the last challenge of the student blogging challenge.

My part

I’ve wrote 57 blog posts so far. I started this blog since september 2009. My posts are mostly based on School events and recent events or holidays.

In total I¬†received¬†71 comments. 15 comments from people in my gade(excluding me), I’ve¬†received 5 comments from my teacher and 51 from other people around the world.

The most comments I¬†received¬†on a post is The post ‘Commenting’ I got 5 comments. I think I got so much comments on this post because When I wrote this post I just joined the student blogging challenge, and when people visit my blog, they will want to ask more questions about me an where I live. I enjoy writing posts about Events that happened to me. For an example the BoB semi finals. i liked writing that post ¬†because when I wrote that post, it was the exact date I went to the competition so everything was fresh in my mind.

I changed my blog theme a lot of times. My first theme was the Greenery theme. Then when  I realized how many other theemes there are and how you can change the picture on the top, I changed my theme to the Ocean wide theme. Now I have the Notepad Chaos. I change my theme because it looks pretty or, it fits my kind of style.  I have 18 widgets. I think this is a reasonable amount of widgets because I don;t have any games and people come to your blog to read your detail and not to look and browse through you widgets. I took all the pets and useless things off my blog.

Parents part

Cheng Chau ťē∑Ś∑ěCamp


312687418WiNVHI_phFor the last 3 days the whole grade 5 went to Cheng Chau for camp. Its was really fun we did different things like: The Pirate Cave, Making Bread, Setting-Up Tents, The Amazing race, Mounting Biking, Cooperative games, Tie-Dye, Rock Climbing, and the night hike. This trip was really fun but honestly my favorite part was the pirate cave and the amazing race

heres a picture of the pirate cave


pictures froom

flickr.com/photos/ colorcozy/2944156012/

everydayadventuresinfaith.blogspot.com/ 2009/0…

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Student Challenge #9


I’ve looked at the online user and it is quite interesting. People over 62 years-old don’t use the internet very much. My prediction is…. ¬†When Seniors where young like us. They only started using computers in their late 30s so maybe they don’t create, they just ¬†look at stuff. For a change people like me, are borne with computers. I’ve have been using computers ¬†since I was 3-4 years old. Thats why older people don’t use the net that much.

Student Challenge #8 – choosing the best blog!


I think that Emily’s blog is¬†really¬†good. She is only 8 years old, but she writes a lot of posts. She is not too into widgets which is a good thing because widgets is not everything to your blog. The most important of all is the context. She not only writes posts lots of times, but they are long.Her blog shows that she really likes science a lot too!¬†You can visit her blog now!!

Blog Update


Out through these few weeks, I have changed a few things. You might have noticed, I deleted a lot of widgets. I added another RSS suscription on top of¬†categories. I have also added a ‘things you’ll need to know’ , ‘rss’, and ‘what is this place’. Its just some facts about the blog.

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